#1 – Walk the path of post-prostate surgery with me.

On the anniversary of our first “post-surgery” romp, I am finally doing it. Join me as I chronicle our journey out of cancer-induced sexual frustration. I’ve looked: there’s not much straight talk about what it’s like out there. Even the forums are a bit oblique, and there’s precious little for women by women. So, from

  • frustrating each other to get closer to each other, to
  • standing in the pharmacy waiting to get a syringe or two, to
  • an ER trip for “an erection lasting more than four hours,” to
  • looking for my libido in every nook and cranny of my psyche,

I’m here to offer a place for candor and understanding.

I saw these stones and thought they seemed like moments, each placed next to the other and cumulatively making something…. It’s a metaphor for a life. I’ll fill you in on me, and my story, as we go.


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